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Audio Information System for Blind and Partially Sighted People

The Audiotag System provides audible information for the blind and partially sighted. It has been developed not only as an alternative to Braille, which is currently the only viable information system, but also to work alongside it.

During the development of the system it became very apparent that independence and choice were the main demands of the blind and partially sighted.

The following are some of the real life concerns raised by members of the local Blind Institute in Hull during one of the many trials carried out by Audiotag System Ltd:

Independence to read our own mail and bank statements.
Independence to identify everyday products.
To pay the same price for books and magazines as sighted people.
To have restaurant menu's that we can listen to.
To have bus timetables that we can listen to.
To have labelling on clothes about colour and sizes that we can listen to.

The Audiotag System will provide all of the above and much more.

"Something new has arrived"

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